Terms and Conditions

Sunbury Weight Training Club – Terms and Conditions

Sunbury Weight Training Club is open every day from 6am until 12pm.

Members must enter their name clearly in the attendance register in the hallway each time they train

Membership of Sunbury Weight Training Club entitles members to additional membership of Sunbury Sports Association which allows access to the social facilities of the club-house.

Equipment must be replaced on the racks after each work-out. Machines must not be left loaded with weights for others to unload

Training must be done safely and responsibly.

Membership fees must be paid on time and are non-refundable

Membership can be revoked for serious breaches of membership terms and conditions.


Training with weights brings with it the risk of accidents. It is therefore essential that all members take care to avoid injury to themselves and to others. Sunbury Weight Training Club does not provide any personal injury cover for members so training at the club is done solely at members own risk.

All members are strongly advised to take out personal accident insurance.Please complete all member details on the following page.

Up To Date Payment

Annual payment must be completed in full before membership starts.
Training is not allowed unless current membership is in place.