DEXA BodyScan offer for Sunbury Weight Training Club Members and Friends

Have you ever wanted to know what your body composition truly is? Now you can measure your fat and muscle with x-ray precision in 4 minutes with a DEXA Bodyscan as seen in Men’s Fitness magazine, Sport Magazine, Body Magazine, The Times, BBC TV, ITV, and many others.

DEXA is the fastest way to get a highly accurate baseline today and then track changes in fat and muscle over time. Dual-energy X-ray is a medical-grade technology that sees even visceral fat and is vastly superior to skin calipers and bio-impedance gadgets. Bodyscan’s colour DEXA image and hard data tells you not just how much fat and lean mass you’re carrying but how it’s distributed around your body. The body composition calculator will utilise data from nearly 4000 scans to give you specific kilogram targets – not for overall weight but individually for fat and muscle. Remember – it’s not about weight, it’s about body composition.

A 10% discount on the cost of a DEXA Bodyscan has been arranged for Sunbury Weight Training Club members and friends. To avail of this offer, simply click on the link below and your 10% discount will be applied against single scans for either one or two people (it doesn’t apply to multiple scan packages):

Baseline Scan with Consultation

Baseline Scan and report for 1 person – £159 (less 10% discount using the referral link above = £143.10)

Baseline Scan and reports for 2 people £258.00 (less 10% discount using the referral link above = £232.20 or £116.10 each)

  • Face-to-face consultation, full explanation of results, terminology and important markers (FMI, LMI, A/G ratio, FMR, VAT Area, BMD)
  • Comparison with 4,000 Bodyscan clients (UK’s largest DEXA body composition database)
  • Highlights uneven muscle distribution
  • Shows typicality of fat distribution
  • Input results into Bodyscan body composition calculators
  • Two estimates of Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), including with DEXA-measured lean body mass
  • Specific kilogram targets for fat loss and muscle gain based on your fat mass and lean mass indices
  • 60-minute appointment
  • Highly recommended for first scan
  • Available for 2 people (80-minute appointment)
  • Fast 4-minute full-body scan
  • Latest fan-beam DEXA technology
  • Fat, lean and bone mass precise to a gram
  • Colour image
  • Regional breakdown of arms, legs and trunk
  • Data for belly (android) and hip-and-thigh (gynoid) sub-regions
  • CT-correlated estimate of visceral fat and evaluation as normal, increased risk or high risk
  • Indication of bone density*
  • Instant printed and email PDF report
  • Printed explanatory notes