SWTC Gym Refurbishment and Reopening

It is with no small amount of excitement that we can finally announce the long awaited reopening of Sunbury Weight Training Club.

SWTC will be opening on Saturday 01st August as we still have some COVID-19 related works to carry out in order to ensure everyone’s safety before people can train.  We will however be hosting an open day this Saturday 25th July between 10am and 2pm for members to pop in, take a look around, and apply for membership.

Membership applications are open now so please get your form filled in and returned to us as we have had to reduce the number of memberships available due to Coronavirus restrictions . We are introducing a membership cap of 60 members and currently have 27 paid-up members. This leaves only 33 places available for re-joining or new members and these will be dealt with on a first come – first served basis.  Please see more details below.

Gym Refurbishment

While the gym has been closed, we have worked tirelessly to carry out a major programme of repairs, upgrades, and replacements (see pictures below):

  • The entire gym was stripped out and all fixings and fixtures removed
  • The flooring was lifted and the hardwood subfloor repaired.
  • The ply top layer of flooring was repaired and sections replaced where necessary.
  • A final layer of hardwood ply was added to the entire floor so that we now have 3” of timber flooring under the rubber matting.
  • Carpet tiles in the rear half of the gym were removed and new rubber matting was installed.
  • The entire gym was redecorated.
  • All gym equipment was serviced, cleaned and reinstated in a new layout that more efficiently uses the space.
  • A new Monster Rack was purchased and installed
  • A new adjustable incline bench was purchased and installed – provided free by Enda for use by all gym members.
  • A new Smith Machine was purchased and we are awaiting delivery in August, when it will replace the existing old Smith.
  • A new sumo deadlift area was created as an extension of the existing deadlift platform for those who prefer to lift sumo.
  • New mirrors were purchased and installed
  • The Ground floor hallway was stripped and redecorated
  • The cupboard which housed the kickboxing equipment was demolished and a new workout area created for leg extension and pushdown cables.
  • The carpet tile flooring in the ground floor hallway was removed and replaced by rubber matting so this area feels more part of the gym.
  • A purpose built artificial grass sled track was built and installed running the entire 13M length of the corridor.
  • A new prowler sled was purchased for members use.
  • The upstairs landing area was completely redecorated.
  • The flooring on the upstairs landing was stripped out and replaced with rubber flooring.
  • Upstairs equipment was reinstalled with provision for a new stretching / rolling area.
  • The entrance lobby area was completely redecorated.
  • 24 New lockers were purchased and installed as an additional option for members to reserve on an annual basis for the cost of £30.00 per year.
  • A new electronic locking system was purchased and installed so that all members will have an electronic fob rather than a key for entry and exit.
  • CCTV system was upgraded to provide remote monitoring and cameras were repositioned for better coverage.
  • A network connection was brought into the building and a new WiFi system installed for members.
  • The front door was repaired and redecorated.
  • The ventilation fan was replaced.
  • Roof repairs are being looked at
  • Many other smaller items were completed but not worth individually detailing.

In short, the gym is quite different to the gym you left back in the last week of March. We hope you will love it as much as we do.

Membership Fees for 2020-2021

Unfortunately all of this work has to be paid for, so the committee has agreed that annual fees have to rise with immediate effect as follows:

  • Adult £192.00
  • Student £120.00
  • Junior £120.00
  • Social £30.00
  • All new memberships start from 1st August 2020

Membership payments still have to be made annually but we are happy to take credit card payments in order to help members spread the cost via their card providers. New membership forms are on the website at https://www.sunburywtc.com/index.php/info/membership-form-download/

Membership Procedure for 2020-2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, some changes had to be implemented in order to control membership numbers and social distancing.

We have decided to introduce a cap of 60 members until we see how things are working. This may change in the future once we see how it is working out. Since we have carried out the refurbishment works, we seem to have created quite a buzz in the cricket club with quite a few cricket members talking about joining. With this in mind, we have decided to limit membership applications to previous SWTC members only for the period up to the official opening on 1st August, after which we will open membership to everyone.

The new joining procedure is as follows:

  • Prospective members must download the appropriate membership form, fill it in (all sections), and return it to admin@sunburywtc.com
  • Membership will be approved subject to numbers and payment will need to be made to SWTC once approval has been given (verbally or by email)
  • Payment can be made via online banking (BACS) or credit card.
  • Membership is only complete once forms and full payment has been received.
  • Members with existing keys must bring their key back to swap it for a personalised electronic fob.
  • Members who do not have a key or have lost their existing key will be required to buy an electronic fob at £25.00 (same as the previous key cost)

New Member Rules:

We are finalising new membership rules at the moment and will publish them in the gym and by email when thy have been agreed.

Open Day – This Sat 25th July…Come take a look

We plan to open the gym to all members to have a good look around on this Saturday 25th so you can share our excitement.

We will open the gym from 10am to 2pm so please come along and take a look.

We will have membership forms with us (subject to availability) for anyone who wants to re-join and a credit card reader for payments.

Pictures of the Gym

Rack and Deadlift Area

New Artificial Grass Sled Track

New Rack

New Sumo Deadlift Platform

New Incline Bench

New Weights Area

New Dumbbell Area

New Lockers

New Upstairs Area