Covid-19 Occupancy Check

To ensure all Sunbury Weight Training Club members are protected as much as possible against transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have implemented a temporary cap on the number of members who can be in the gym / squash building at any one time. This is monitored by the electronic door entry system which counts members in and out. It is therefore important that your key fobs are used both on entry and exit every single time.

The current limit is set to 12 including SWTC members and squash players

Checking How Many Are In The Gym

To check how many members are using the gym right now, view this page on a PC rather than your phone. Click the download icon to the right of the “Main Entrance Door – Occupancy Management Report” title in the frame below.

The occupancy management report will immediately download to your browser (we recommend using the Chrome browser). Click the downloaded file to open it and this will display how many people are in the building. Note: This does not currently work from a phone but we are working on a solution

The system updates the occupancy report every 5 minutes.